Thursday, 24 September 2009

Is been a hectic week have not had chance to update you on my shinanigans, although as soon as i get a minute i must put my new samples on for you to see i want to try and upload some videos of some techinques that i have been trying out i have been having so much fun and i want to share this with you.

I have booked some leave off work next week w/c 28/09/09 so i will be here a lot more often (bore bore) I Hear you say its ok im not going to bore you with fine details just the need to know stuff, i have to also big up Sheena Douglass as she has shown me a wat to use my canvases that i have been keeping to one side for months ( thanks Sheena) lol

Monday, 29 June 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog. This is for anyone who loves crafting wether it is crochet or cross stitch knitting or scrapbooking it would be nice to hear from you and share our interests, i have been crafting for a long time it started whith my first home which was totally stencilled upstairs and down and progressed from there i am currently card making and scrapbooking as i have a daughter aged 7 months and i am currently on maternity leave, this is helping me keep my sanity and also to keep a lasting record of her progress, i will add posts as often as i can and hope that you find some inspiration on these pages, as a crafter i am always here for advice and can always offer some inspiration for you


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