Saturday, 23 February 2013

How have you guys been

Happy new year, i know we are already in to February but time has no significance in my life a the moment unless it means handing work in on time. I have got quite a bit to share with you, i want to make this a quick post. This is something i made for my Sister Ann and she loves it it is an I pad bean bag and as far as i know there is none on the market, and it works a treat, Ann did try to upload a photo but it wouldn't work for her but i will get her to do a review of the bean bag

photo (3)

She absolutely adored it and uses it all the time,  and i loved making it for her. You will find this pattern in craft seller magazine but the had just the one layer, what i have done is made the bean bag and then made a separate washable quilted cover for it. Thought i would take it one step further, the ones that my sister had found online were static and the i-pad just sat in front in a slot without being able to position it in a comfortable position and were priced between £25-£30, you could make one of these bean bags for less than a tenner.

photoAnd with left overs you could make a mini one for you smart phone or i-pod.

thanks for stopping by see you later. X


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