Sunday, 18 September 2011

Guess what I've been up to

I must apologize for my lack of posting the past couple of weeks as I have been up to allsorts. Term started for me on the 14th of September and I have enrolled myself on an access to art and design course which will hopefully lead me on to do my BA Hons in Art and design, so far it has been really interesting the tutors really know how to take you out of your comfort zone, I have also had a make over done by my lovely fiancée, oh yes of course while we were away he proposed, and I am now engaged so, my brain has not exactly been on crafting, as I have had a lot of letters, to write and phone calls to make just so no one hears its second hand from any body Paul has a lot of family, so now my head is back in blog land i will be sharing with you my experiences on my course and back to entering a few challenges I hope. So please stay tunes as I take you on this fabulous journey of mine, to think I'm forty one and for me life has taken an unexpected turn, and as for my make over(and the ring) I'm sure pics will follow soon. Its so good to be back.

Thanks for stopping by talk soon x


Design H_

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