Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Good morning all and its so glad to be back in the land of blog, I hope everyone is ok and that you are enjoying the beautiful weather, me I'm sat in college having had numerous problems with my Internet at home i decided to use college resources to get done what i need done but hey isn't that what they are there for, so a lot of what i display will be Art and Design (bla bla) and a few card and sewing projects yes i have been a very busy bunny making all kinds of soft furnishings for peeps and handbags and jewellery rolls and shower caps mostly personalised as well(pictures to follow) so now i have kind of blagged my way through the course this year, next year things will really hit the fan as i have to start looking like and talking the talk if you know what i mean, a fine art student, putting everything i have learned throughout  the past two terms has not been a waste of time, believe you me it has tested me to the limit, there has been tears along the way but, mostly laughter, as I have found a lot out about myself and my fellow students.

Thanks for listening speak soon

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