Tuesday, 3 July 2012

End of year show

So I finally have had the chance to update my blog it has been a busy three weeks and now  its the end of  term and I am officially on summer break i would love to show you the pictures from the final show it was so good, the  third year degree students work was unbelievable.


Here was my display before the public arrived i got a few pics and i was so pleased with the finished project my plaster cast shoes were very popular,  and as always here is a close up


This one is on the top shelf. It has  been made out of porcelain, and has been baked then glazed, and then laser transfers of feathers were applied then it was fired on a low heat.

This has been one of the many milestones that i will overcome over the next few years as, I will be on the degree course in September working towards, my BA Hons in fine art, Hooray for passing with merits, I have done all my celebrating, and now i need to prepare for September, thanks for visiting.



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