Monday, 13 May 2013

Scrapbook or Journal?

I often ask myself that question, what with modern day life being so busy, you think to yourself, how do i find the time, or im too tired on an evening, then when you do get the chance the opportunity to to remember the day has passed you by, well not any more. Smash books are becoming more and more popular, with people wanting to journal, making it easier to carry around is the perfect solution, you keep what ever it is you want reminding of, ticket stubbs from the cinema, your first date, pictures from a birthday party, aeroplane tickets, reciepts from an all important purchase, doesnt matter, just smash it in write in it, doodle in it, all your most important thoughts in it, if its important to you, SMASH IT.

Until May 31st you can get the Journal and all accesories, for just 29.24(excluding p+p)thats a saving of up to 15% off individual prices wow, what an offer but it ends soon contact me on how to place an order or call 07547-345690 i look forward to hearing from you

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